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The Maritime Log #7 - Jessica Pappathan arrives - Mississippi USCG

May 28, 2018

The Maritime Log by Dyke Hendrickson

Jessica Pappathan arrives as new executive director. Your Scribe visits Coast Guard on the Mississippi

by Dyke Hendrickson
Custom House Maritime Museum Outreach Historian


A lot happened has happened in recent days, and we look forward to June 1st for more activity.  The key event is that Jessica Pappathan has replaced Michael Mroz as executive director at the Custom House Maritime Museum.

Pappathan has held positions at McGowan Fine Art in Concord, N.H.; Saint Anselm (N.H.)  College’s art gallery; and the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, N.H.  For the past four years, she has worked as executive director for the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire.

Outreach Historian Dyke Hendrickson visits the Coast Guard on the Mississippi

Mroz, who served for about eight years, said she is “the right person to take the museum to the next level.” She said, in comments to a local newspaper, “I think Michael has done a fantastic job at building a strong foundation of programming here, and I’m really excited to add to it.   “I’m new to this community, and I would love for people to stop in to say hello,” she added. “I’m excited to start building relationships with people around town, and also to learn about organizations we could possibly partner with.”

She pointed to the Custom House’s “First Friday Social” on June 1st as a prime opportunity for members to introduce themselves.  The program that night, entitled “The First Big Dig,” will describe the construction and operation of the Middlesex Canal, a 27-mile barge canal completed in 1802 and linking the Merrimack River at Lowell with the Charles River in Boston.

Meanwhile, Your Scribe was in Memphis for a family wedding.  I traveled to the Mississippi River, and visited the Coast Guard station there as this photo shows.There are scores of Coast Guard units on rivers and lakes in this country, and I will make note of this in my upcoming book, “New England Coast Guard Stories: Remarkable Patriots.”

Sector Lower Mississippi River (SLMR) is located on the bank of the Mississippi River in the heart of Memphis. The Memphis unit possess one marine safety detachment, six buoy tenders, one aid-to-navigation boat and two response boats.

Dyke Hendrickson, Outreach Historian, The Maritime Log

The sector, along with its sub-units, performs the Coast Guard's missions across the expanse of six states, with over 2,200 miles of rivers, lakes and navigable tributaries in their jurisdiction. Newburyport is the birthplace of the Coast Guard, but we knew that.

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Thanks. Dyke Hendrickson

The Maritime Log by Dyke Hendrickson

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