Custom House Maritime Museum A View of the Museum from Water St.

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The First John P. Marquand Prize in American Literature Awarded April 25, 2010, at the Custom House Maritime Museum

April 25, 2010
The 2010 Newburyport Literary Festival honored John P. Marquand (1893-1960), the most popular American social novelist of his generation and a long-time resident of Newburyport.  In...
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Tall Ships & Sail Boston 2009 Lecture

May 7, 2009
Recently over 30 people gathered at the Custom House Maritime Museum for Thad Koza's audiovisual program of the 2009 tall ships visiting Boston this summer, including the FRIENDSHIP that...
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Smithsonian Ocean: Our Water: Our World Lecture

October 16, 2008
On 10/16/08, over 60 people listed to Deborah Cramer, author of Smithsonian Ocean and one of the country's most celebrated science writers, deliver an eloquent and illuminating talk on the...
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Discover Africa In Your Neighborhood

September 11, 2008
International trade in Newburyport is taking a new twist. It's not rum, slaves, or wood we're trading, it's experience, knowledge, medical equipment and our shared interest in Africa. Five local...
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