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CHMM Hosts "Save The Lower Green" Preservation Meeting

August 29, 2011


Learn what "SAVE THE LOWER GREEN" is all about,

and why it deserves your support -- now


The Board of Directors of the Custom House Maritime Museum have joined with local preservation partners, Essex County Greenbelt Association and numerous other organizations in recognizing the campaign to preserve the Newbury Lower Green as a highly worthy mission for permanent historical preservation.  Further, the board encourages its museum members and friends to support this campaign to preserve the rural landscape and pastoral character of Newbury's precious 17th century New England green, through the purchase of the 4-acre Newman Farm Meadow.  This preservation effort needs additional support from the community to push it over the top as the campaign enters its final month.

Newbury Lower Green



To provide the an opportunity to learn more about this important effort as well as answer questions, the Custom House Maritime Museum will host an informational meeting with the local historic preservation partners and representatives of Essex County Greenbelt on Wednesday, September 13, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Museum members, friends and the public are invited to attend.

save the LOWER GREEN


For details on this issue, click HERE to download a brief and insightful PDF explaining all about the campaign to "Save The Lower Green" by protecting the Newman Farm Meadow.

To SEE what's at stake - click HERE

 Donate to Save The Newbury Lowere Green

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Essex County Greenbelt, working in conjunction with local historic preservation advocates, has an option to purchase a parcel of land abutting Newbury's historic Lower Green on High Road (Route 1A) in Newbury for $500,000.  The current landowner, has been granted preliminary approval by the Newbury Planning Board to subdivide the parcel into three building lots. The 18-month option agreement expires the end of this September.Newman Farm Meadow

The Campaign is in its final weeks.  As of August 28, 2011 the campaign has raised nearly $400,000 toward the $500,000 goal. Right now every donation of any size is so important! Please help Save the Lower Green by making a contribution today. If the campaign is successful in raising the funds to purchase the property, the land will be owned by Essex County Greenbelt, a regional land trust, which will open the property to the public, and manage it for its scenic and historic values.

The property has significant historic and aesthetic value. It is the scenic backdrop to Newbury's Lower Green, where the first European settlers of Newbury, Newburyport, and West Newbury landed and where the 19th century one-room schoolhouse remains open to visitors. The buildings and land have been recognized in the Town's Master Plan as important elements of the Newbury Historic District and as significant to the pastoral character of the community. Located along High Road (Route 1A) the property is also a prominent part of the 85-mile Essex Heritage Coastal Scenic Byway, which traverses 13 communities as it winds its way from Lynn to Gloucester and then to Newburyport along Route 127, 133 and 1A.


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