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The Maritime Log #8 - Coast Guard in Rockland, ME Operates Station and Seagoing Ships

June 8, 2018

The Maritime Log by Dyke Hendrickson

Coast Guard in Rockland, ME Operates Station and Seagoing Ships

by Dyke Hendrickson
Custom House Maritime Museum Outreach Historian


The Coast Guard station in Rockland, Maine, has multiple missions: oneis to run search-and-rescue operations and buoy-tending functions fromits headquarters on the city pier and the other is to berth severalcutters and tugs. Your Scribe visited Rockland last week, and among the Coasties I met was petty officer Daniel Hart, shown here.

Coast Guard

In the background are themasts of a windjammer in Rockland Harbor. Head of station is BOSN 2 Hans Schultz. The station has 33 Coasties, and much of their work is patrolling Penobscot Bay. It operates two 47-foot rescue craft and a 29-footharbor boat. It also hosts larger vessels that can go far into the ocean.

One craft tied up in Rockland is the 175-foot Abbie Burgess, a high-tech buoy tender.
Other working vessels include the Thunder Bay, a 140-foot tug. It doesice-breaking and lighthouse repair. The Tackle, a 65-foot harbor tug, carries out ice-breaking chores inthe Penobscot and Kennebec rivers.

The Coast Guard was formally created in 1915, when three services weremerged: the Revenue Cutter Service, the Lighthouse Service and theLife-Saving Service.
Rockland hosts an extensive lighthouse museum that references many New England sites. This is important for me to note when I write my upcoming book, “New England Coast Guard Stories: Remarkable Patriots.”

Dyke Hendrickson, Outreach Historian, The Maritime Log


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The Maritime Log by Dyke Hendrickson

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