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The Inaugural Sea-To-Table Dining Event

August 28, 2017

The Inaugural Sea-To-Table Dining Event

Initially announced at our March 17th Annual Meeting, during the August First Friday Social we unveiled details of our inaugural Sea-To-Table event that will take place on Thursday evening, September 7th, 2017. Members were allowed to sign up to reserve places for the 100-seat -- all available seats actually sold out that very evening!

This event takes the popular "Farm-to-Table" concept into the maritime realm for a "Sea-to-Table" dining experience you won't forget.  It is a fundraiser for the Custom House and will take place under a sailcloth tent on the waterfront lawn, on Thursday, September 7th, beginning at 6:00 pm.  Featured that evening will be North Shore fishing captains and their boats, telling the stories of sustainable and locally caught seafood.

We have six Newburyport restaurants who will also feature their head chefs, each preparing one of the locally caught fish for what will become a magnificently well-paced seven-course dinner.  Each chef/restaurant will prepare a course and get to speak about the preparation of their dish. The dinner will seat 100 guests and the Kendall Jackson group is sponsoring all the wines that will pair with each dish.  Newburyport Magazine and the Boston Globe will be covering this event.

Some members with reserved seats have discovered unanticipated end-of-summer conflicts, and thus a few seats have become available. If you are a museum member and would like to attend -- we will make any surrendered reservations available to you.

Tickets are $100.00 per seat, and if you are interested, we recommend you contact the museum at your earliest convenience by telephone or by stopping by the museum store.

To inquire about remaining Sea-to-Table seats call 978-462-8681

The Custom House Maritime Museum Sea-To-Table Dining Event - 9-7-2017

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