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High School Internships

March 8, 2017


Riveted by tales of the high seas? Intrigued by untold local history?  Called to museums and their backstage? Want to learn professional skill from experienced staff?

If you are or know a student in grade 9 through 12 who is interested in any of those questions then our program is here!  We are launching a new take on our internship program to teach students local history while coaching them professional skills. This internship is a chance for students to add a valuable experience to their transcript and to create a great memory for themselves, their families, friends and school.  Once selected, our interns will train alongside experienced guides, museum staff, and docents.  They will also have the opportunity to propose and create a project showcasing their individual skills, such as a museum tour, a presentation, or a small exhibit in the museum.

Want to learn more?

Schedule a School Visit

Interested schools and faculty should schedule a time for the Internship Supervisor to speak with your students.  Call (979) 462-8681 or email to schedule an appointment.

Parents and students are encouraged to visit the museum in person to learn about us and talk to staff.  Directions and hours can be found here.


The program is limited in space, but is ongoing and will continue to offer more chances to join.  Interested students should apply early and completely when applications are being accepted for their best chance at enrollment.

Students can apply online by clicking HERE,  or download the PDF application HERE.


Contact the Internship Supervisor, Bryanne McArdle, at or call the museum at (979) 462-8681 with questions or to set up an appointment.


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