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Maritime Tea Wednesday #6 at the Custom House

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March 14, 2018 @ 11:30am
Maritime Tea Wednesday #6 at the Custom House





Maritime Tea Wednesday

at the

Custom House Maritime Museum





TEA #6

Scheduled for March 14, 2018

Is Postponed to Thursday, March 15

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Members/Guests $15*

* Advance Reservations Required *


The Painters Yorke

Come enjoy a relaxing mid-day, mid-week tea at the historic Custom House Maritime Museum with splendid sandwiches, sumptuous sweets and richly brewed English tea, served along with soothing classical music and enriching cultural and historical insights.

The Painters Yorke - The Good God is in the Detail

For your afternoon’s enjoyment, we visit a rich, though subtle niche of oil-on-canvas painting style.  Through examples of a pair of ship portraits in our collection -- one painted by a father and the other by his son, whom he taught his craft, we will explore the austere details of their lives, in contrast to the highly disciplined style of painting in which their work expresses a thrilling attention to nearly invisible levels of detail – reinforcing the practice of an age old belief that whatever one does should be done thoroughly.

Tickets for TEA #6 now rescheduled for March 15th, 2018 are available by phone or email.

978-462-8681  -or-

Tea Thoughts


Join us for our 2018 Maritime Tea Wednesday series through April:

Tea #7 - March 28th
Tea #8 - April 11th
Tea #9 - April 25th

*Tickets are just $12 each if tickets to two or more teas are purchased at the same time.

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