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A SENSE OF PLACE - Special Preview and Performance

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November 15, 2013 @ 6:30pm
A SENSE OF PLACE - Special Preview and Performance





Over the past decade, performances of Newburyport Chamber Music Festival commissioned works have been illuminating our history, our culture, ourselves.

On November 16th, in City Hall Auditorium, the ultimate civic concert will unfold -- a performance of five commissions, including the world premiere of Kenneth Woods' "Demonstrations," and a new production of Kile Smith's "Plain Truths."

In celebration of this monumental event, the evening prior to this concert the Custom House Maritime Museum will host a special preview and performance featuring Composer Kile Smith and Baritone Soloist Randall Scarlata, (listen to Mr. Scarlata here) with Newburyport Chamber Music Festival Artistic Director David Yang as moderator: Composer Kile Smith


Friday, November 15,  at 6:30pm 


Baritone Randall ScarlataWe invite you to join us for what will be an intimate, revealing and insightful conversation with the artists, focused on Kile Smith's composition "Plain Truths," including selections from his work performed by the string quartet.

Come meet the artists and participate in this one-of-a-kind conversation affirming and celebrating A Sense Of Place, illuminating our history, our culture -- ourselves.

Artistic Director David Yang


Reception Following

Admission $15, Museum Members $10
Limited Seating Available 
Top: Composer Kil Smith;Middle:BaritoneSoloist Randall Scarlata; Bottom: Artistic Director David Yang


A collaboration of the Newburyport Chamber Music Festival and Custom House Maritime Museum



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