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2013 Preservation Awards

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May 12, 2013 @ 4:30pm
2013 Preservation Awards


A Newburyport

Preservation Week 2013



Beginning in 2007, the Newburyport Preservation Trust established a formal process to identify and commend meritorious preservation efforts throughout our city by awarding individuals and organizations for their contributions to historic preservation. The goal is to raise awareness of the value of preservation to the unique historic character of our community by encouraging, supporting and showcasing preservation achievement. Come witness wonderful examples of ongoing preservation throughout Newburyport and applaud those who have earned well-deserved recognition for maintaining our heritage by linking the past with the present and the future.2012 Winner for Interior Restoration

  •  Awards are presented in seven categories:
  •      >stewardship
  •      >exterior restoration
  •      >interior restoration
  •      >sensitive addition to a historic building
  •      >historic landscape restoration
  •      >historically sensitive contractor-builder
  •      >sustainable historic structure
This is a Newburyport Preservation Week event hosted by the Custom House Maritime Museum and is open FREE to the public.  Seating is limited.


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