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Women: History's Silent Partners

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May 10, 2013 @ 7:00pm
Women: History's Silent Partners


A Newburyport

Preservation Week 2013



Women: History's Silent Partner

Skip and Marge Motes speak on the significant role women played in Newburyport rise to prominence as a maritime center of wealth , culture and influence

Great Fire of 1811Newburyport gained prominence as a maritime center of wealth, culture and influence during the colonial and federal periods.  The embargo of 1807, great fire of 1811 and the War of 1812 brought this vitality to an abrupt end.  But the stubbornly resilient people of Newburyport rebuilt the town, giving us today a large part of the historical heritage that we enjoy and continue to preserve.

What was the role of women in creating and preserving the wealth, culture and sophistication of Newburyport in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries?

Men dominated the political, legal, cultural, educational and religious structures of society in those years; they dominated the records and written histories -- women were the silent partners of history.  Skip and Marge MotesFor this presentation the Motes have extracted stories of women from these fragments of their histories. These stories provide us insight into their role in sustaining Newburyport society during those years.  Those contributions helped shape the historical fabric of Newburyport that has been preserved for us today.

This is a Newburyport Preservation Week event hosted by the Custom House Maritime Museum and is open to the public.
Admission: $10.00
Reception Follows

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