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Newburyport & Nineteenth - Mid-Century-Modern Makeover

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August 6, 2013 – June 15, 2014
Newburyport & Nineteenth - Mid-Century-Modern Makeover


Exhibition Extended

to June 15th!



Newburyport & Nineteenth

A Mid-Century-Modern Makeover


In 1807, an embargo severed her extensive European trade.  A debilitating fire wiped out nearly her entire commercial center.  And then, a young and fledgling United States entered its first declared war.  This was the trilogy of fateful events that welcomed Newburyport to the 19th Century -- a century that would be marked by astounding progress and wealth.  This is the story of Newburyport's period of modernization and of her embracing the technologies of the industrial age.  Come and explore this prolific century of progress through a fascinating collection of assembled artifacts, paintings and photography of the era connecting us to the driving issues of Newburyport's rise in the 19th Century.  Discover the impact of this storied age -- ever present even today!


This exhibition has been extended

to June 1st!


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