Custom House Maritime Museum A View of the Museum from Water St.

Kevin's Top 10

Kevin MacDonald is the CHMM curator. He loves all the museum's pieces, but here are his top 10:

  1. Carlyle Ship Collection: Duncan McFarlane painting, model ship, half-hull and portrait of ship builder
  2. Daniel and Mary Marquand pair portraits
  3. Prize Silver captured by Captain William Nichols
  4. Dreadnaught Ship Model
  5. Lady Justice Statue from Barlet Mall Superior Courthouse
  6. Prisoner of War Bone Model
  7. 1807 Liverpool Pitcher with anti-embargo slogan
  8. Newburyport Maritime Society Captains Portraits
  9. USCGC Eastwind model, rail and bell
  10. 1770 Jonathan Mulliken tall-case clock